The following performance videos represent some of our dance students’ most creative work!


Kathryn Gee & Neil Ching

Eric Dinh, Olivia Cheung, Oliver Coronel, Paige Nakahara

Elyce Kunisaki, Keith Ngo, Haley Inzunza, Anderson Lee


This year was a definite “come-up” for the MKHS Dance Team, who won two national championships in Medium Female Hip Hop & Small Military at U.S. Nationals (Dance Team went UNDEFEATED against all other female hip hop teams during their competition season)! Additionally, All Male won a 1st place national title in Small Hip Hop at WCE Nationals. Both teams enjoyed highly successful competition seasons with many rewards and memories made. Our spring dance concert “The Black Lodge” explored the dark world of celebrity film director David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks”.

Small Male Hip HopLarge Male Hip Hop
Medium ContemporaryKickSmall Military
Dance Show (Act 1)Dance Show (Act 2)


Edward Tsai & Sammi Loung

Eric Dinh, Angela Lopena, Jenny Wang, Anthony Gabrie

Oliver Coronel, Kathryn Gee, Justin Lee, Janet Chung


This year was monumental! While both Dance Team & All Male enjoyed a successfule year, it was All Male who made national history when they defended their national championship in Medium/Large Male Hip Hop at U.S. Nationals, and also finished as U.S. Grand National Champions! It was the first time an All Male Hip Hop dance team had ever won the Grand Championship.

Medium Female Hip Hop
"Wonderland" - ACT 1


Leanne Duong & Henry Yik

Sofia Campa, Laura Huang, Diego Tham

Cathleen Kwok, Christopher Diep, Angela Lopena

This year was monumental! Both Dance Team & All Male earned their first U.S. National Championships for our school’s dance program. It was the first time MKHS had won a national championship in dance arts since 1968!

Worlds Apart - ACT 1Worlds Apart - ACT 2


Kalyn Inzunza & Collin Kumamoto 

Monica Au, Leanne Duong

Sofia Campa

This was a rebuilding year for All Male, and also a breakout year for Dance Team! This was the last year that Dance Company was an after-school activity. It was the efforts of the senior leaders who helped Mr. Arroyo turn our after-school dance program into a full-fledged dance curriculum during the school day. Both teams were very close, and this helped make our “dance company family” a rewarding experience for all students.

Spring Concert - MKHS Dance Company "See You Again"


Kristi Low & Jonathan Wang

Kimberly Ha


Summary to be completed soon!


Jacqueline Li & Andrew Dang

Lionel Gong & Karen Ho

Jonathan Wang & Kimberly Ha

This year marked the first full school year that the MKHS Dance Company operated under the creative direction of Mr. Arroyo. Both teams competed in multiple dance categories, enjoying much success. This was the year that the MKHS dance program began to receive much more public attention in the local dance community.


Emily Eng & Calvin Dang

Jacqueline Li & Nathan Pham

Every story has a beginning. This was the year that Mr. Arroyo was hired mid-year to takeover the position of Dance Team & All Male director and head coach. It was also the year that both teams decided to join together as the MKHS Dance Company, but still maintain their separate team goals. From both teams winning 1st place at their first competition under Arroyo’s guidance, to today… our dance program owes its existence to the many dedicated students who were a part of this memorable year.

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“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”