MKHS Dance Arts & Aerobics Classes

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Credit: P.E. or Fine Art (A-G)

Students enrolled in DANCE 1-4 receive a basic introduction to dance technique and movement fundamentals. Course of study focuses on developing proficiency in ballet, modern dance, contemporary jazz, and street dance styles (at a beginning level). Students explore dance history, learn stage concert performance skills, and receive basic instruction in acro-dance/gymnastics. This class is open to grades 9-12 (All 9th graders engage with an additional “Fitness For Life” curriculum component during this course, which is required for P.E. credit).


Credit: P.E. or Fine Art (A-G)

Students enrolled in DANCE 3-8 receive intermediate-advanced training in a variety of dance techniques, as well as instruction in choreographic principles and movement design. The course of study for this class focuses on developing intermediate-level proficiency in ballet, modern dance, contemporary jazz, and street dance styles while emphasizing mastery of the choreographic process. Students explore acro-dance/gymnastics skills, and learn how to incorporate digital art forms in their original dance movement compositions.


Credit: P.E. or Elective (A-G)

Students enrolled in AEROBICS learn how to create individualized fitness goals through study and physical practice of a variety of cardiovascular  aerobic & anaerobic activities. Instruction focuses on exploring the effectiveness of emerging trends in fitness-related activities (i.e. interval training, flexibility/PNF), while also creating healthy nutritional habits through meal preparation planning. Regular weekly activities include, but are not limited to: aerobics, dance movement, yoga, pilates, running, partner stretching, and basic acro-dance skills.


Credit: P.E. or Fine Art (A-G) or Elective (A-G)

Students enrolled in HONORS DANCE COMPANY receive instruction in a variety of dance styles and performance genres. The Dance Company is comprised of the MKHS Dance Team & All Male Hip Hop Team. In order to receive honors credit, students must meet the capstone of advanced-level mastery in at least 3 different dance styles (i.e. ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, tap, street dance/hip hop, cultural/folkloric, dance-sport, ballroom, etc). Students who wish to develop advanced-level proficiency in 1-2 dance style are enrolled in DANCE COMPANY (without Honors designation).

HONORS DANCE COMPANY & DANCE COMPANY are open to students by AUDITION or INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL ONLY. Auditions are held in the spring and fall. Dance Company students meet period 7 & 8 (additional after-school & summer rehearsals are required).